About MAYRIG Simonjan

I'm a professional painter. I graduated at ArtEZ Academy of Arts in Zwolle (the Netherlands). I'm inspired by nature, objects & materials. I'd love to create beautiful art work, which expresses the beauty of God's creation. I'm inspired by different kind of art movements: impressionism and realism.

I'm really fascinated by glass and water. Water and glass are transparant, they do not have any colour. So what you paint is actually the reflection of the other objects. The way light is playing with the elements is fascinating. Look around and see how light lightens up a branch, a rock, a flower, fruits or the colour of anything. Light changes every perspective. That's why you'll always find light in my paintings, whether it is an impressionistic scenery or realistic one like a still life.

Besides painting still life and landscapes I also like to paint portraits from time to time. I'm especially interested in emotions people show. My favorite materials are oil color (type: Old Holland) on panel or canvas. My works can be found in private collections in Europe, USA and Australia. I really hope people will love my kind of work and are eager to buy it, to brighten up their houses or offices.